22 career fights
22 wins
13 wins by ko

9 championship belts in women's professional boxing

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The undisputed champion of the world in professional boxing, having held

the WBC, WIBF, WBA, WIBA, IWBF and GBU titles at super middleweight

the WBF и WIBF titles at heavyweight

9 championship

Natalia Ragozina owns
9 championship belts in women's
professional boxing

The Honoured Master
of Sports in kickboxing

In 1998, Natalia Ragozina became the first person in Russia who received the title of the Honoured Master of Sports in kickboxing

The Honoured
Master of Sports
in boxing

In 2003, Natalia Ragozina received the title of the Honoured Master of Sports in boxing

«Athlete of the Year»

In 2010, Natalia Ragozina was given «Athlete of the year» award by the World Boxing Federation (WBF)

The book of records

Entered in the Guinness Book
of records as a boxer
who owns all possible belts
in professional boxing


In 2008, the film «White bear sow» with Natalia Ragozina in the title role won the Grand Prix of the fifth international film festival of sports films «Atlant» for the best feature film about sports. She was awarded for her role in the film.


Date and place
Pamela London
19 December 2009
Ekaterinburg, Russia
1:42, 8 round, KO
Laura Ramsey
3 July 2009
Langenhagen, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Iva Weston
28 March 2009
Schoenefeld, Germany
1:19, 6 round, TKO
Conjestina Achieng
28 November 2008
Magdeburg, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Conjestina Achieng
21 July 2008
Cuxhaven, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Teresa Perozzi
15 March 2008
Magdeburg, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Akondaye Fountain
15 December 2007
Dessau, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Gardy Pena Alvarez
8 September 2007
Tiergarten, Germany
1:41, 2 round, TKO
Dakota Stone
25 May 2007
Cologne, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Yahaira Hernandez
17 February 2007
Magdeburg, Germany
1:08, 7 round, TKO
Scroller Carrington
18 November 2006
Düsseldorf, Germany
1:00, 3 round, TKO
Carlette Ewell
15 April 2006
Magdeburg, Germany
1:23, 5 round, TKO
Dakota Stone
14 January 2006
Aschersleben, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Monica Mwakasanga
29 October 2005
Oranienburg, Germany
1:52, 2 round, KO
Maria Velichkova
17 September 2005
Ilsenburg, Germany
1:21, 1 round, TKO
Valerie Mahfood
9 July 2005
Magdeburg, Germany
2:00, 10 round, UD
Sarka Stoklaskova
7 May 2005
Braunschweig, Germany
2 round, TKO
Borislava Goranova
15 January 2005
Magdeburg, Germany
2:00, 4 round, UD
Yvonne Reis
11 December 2004
Cottbus, Germany
1:14, 10 round, TKO
Alexandra Vajdova
16 October 2004
Halle, Germany
1:23, 3 round, TKO
Dana Tabuskova
18 September 2004
Magdeburg, Germany
2 round, TKO
Olga Gorbonosenko
17 July 2004
Dessau, Germany
1 round, KO



We offer the following options of cooperation with Natalia Ragozina:

  • Masterclasses and workshops
  • Creative meetings and interviews
  • Participation in advertising projects
  • Visiting the event as a guest of honour
  • Meetings on the occasion of the opening of boxing clubs, sports schools and fitness centers
  • Friendly sparring’s and participation in sports competitions

The Women's Hockey League

In May 2015, the open nationwide ice hockey tournament among women's amateur teams "Victory Cup" took place within the territory of the sports and entertainment quarter «Park of Legends». The tournament was attended by 10 teams representing 8 regions of Russia and a team from Ireland.

In September 2015, it was decided to create the Women's Hockey League, following the results of the successful tournament with the assistance of «Park of Legends» and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. The League is a significant sport project in Russia in the area of amateur and professional women's hockey development, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, physical culture and popular sport, building a talent pool for high performance sport, popularization of women's hockey as an Olympic sport.

At the invitation of the «Legends of hockey» club, the Women's Hockey League was headed by Natalia Ragozina, the undefeated Russian boxer, the world boxing champion in professionals at super middleweight, having held the WIBF, WBA and GBU titles, who participated directly in the Gala match in May 2015. Currently Natalia regularly conducts training sessions and participates in significant events of women's hockey.

The major activities of the Women's Hockey League are:

Organization and running nationwide competitions
Implementation of programs aimed at hockey popularization and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
Interaction with amateur, professional and state hockey organizations in Russia
Interaction with sport, public, state organizations and mass media


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+7 (963) 88-33-033

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